The Bible Unveiled By Mangasarian, M M.

With the crushing load of the bible taken off his shoulders, the Jew is swift in responding to probably the most beneficent influences of surroundings. It was in Europe and America, among the many Gentiles, and not in Palestine, that the Jew found himself. Not until he turned his again upon Jehovah and his book did the Jew leap forth to overcome in artwork, in literature, in science, and in all the graces that help to make genius and advantage The Bible unveiled enticing. I do not say that each one persecution and prejudice will end when Jew and Christian cease to observe the teachings of the bible, but certainly the most formidable obstacles to the fraternization of the races shall be eliminated. It is a service to humanity to try to free the Jew from the rabbinical yoke, and the Christian from that of the priest.

And but there is a basic distinction between a thing which is forbidden within the English sense of that word, and a thing which is taboo in the sense which primitive races attached to that word. For instance, once we see a notice which reads, “Passengers are forbidden to face on the platform of the practice,” or “Smoking not allowed within the dining-car,” the object of the interdiction is in either case completely plain. A factor that is taboo, nonetheless, is so for a cause which is undiscoverable. The theologians attempt to clarify that the prohibition against pork had a sanitary motive.

If the flow of blood from the arteries in the neck ceases, one of many slaughtermen—not the Jewish official—draws them out, cuts away a half of them with the surrounding tissues, and throws the severed portion away. And whereas all this is happening the animal is alive and aware of pain and terror. Then the poor man explains to his youngster the vow he had made unto the Lord. The younger lady was willing to be supplied up as a “burnt providing” unto the Lord, if she might have two months’ time to wander about and bewail her unhappy destiny. The yoke of Jehovah could be very much simpler and under no circumstances so pinching as previously. And how could these two brothers inform that God had accepted one offering and rejected the other?

If, therefore, the event had really transpired, and if the apostles had been eye-witnesses of it, there would have been unanimity as to the hour during which Jesus was crucified. The lack of such unanimity reveals, we imagine, that the reporters were far faraway from the supposed events they are describing, and that that they had nothing greater than rumors to guide them. Every considered one of Jehovah’s favorites, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, turned exceeding wealthy. In the current instance, not only are “all of the kings of the earth” on their knees earlier than the person who conceived and carried into completion so stupendous a monument—one of the seven or eight wonders of the world—but they also empty their purses in his lap. T is in examining the elemental teachings of Judaism that we uncover the blighting influence of the bible upon Jewish thought and conduct. In all the Old Testament there’s not even a suggestion that it’s a obligation to like the Gentile, or to deal with him justly no much less than.

Was Baal or Astaroth as sanguinary as the being who slaughtered in one evening all the first-born of Egypt? Did the idols of savages ever think even of drowning a world? Is it possible to search out within the dictionary of the gods, one who can evaluate with the inventor of the Christian hell? When the missionaries entered Borneo to convert the natives, the Rajah drove them out of the land, “as a end result of the Christian God used folks as firewood after demise.” In the number of these few quotations, I even have kept away from culling also from the pages of contemporary writers, lest it be said that since these fashionable women and men appeared after Christianity, it’s to the bible that the world is indebted for his or her great thoughts and works. Of course, this is not true, seeing how the church persecuted these women and men, and drove them to the stake, or a minimal of, placed the offspring of their brain upon the Index, branding their thought as blasphemy.