The 25 Most Iconic Football Sponsors Of All Time

However, it is the awful cream-colored suits that Jamie Redknapp, David James and the rest of Liverpool’s “Spice Boys” wear when they arrive in Wembley and that live the most in memory that day. The kit that generated a thousand kits, Adidas, hit something when they designed the French outfit for the 1984 European Championship, organized in their home country. It was the first time that red was used as the main color in a French shirt and was not only a success, but also France. They won their first major tournament that summer and won two more trophies, the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, in kits that were heavily influenced by it. After UK-based manufacturer Admiral ran into financial difficulties and gave Wales white sleeves. At the time it looked like another kit, but since then it has become a cult classic.

This shirt contains the shadows of the Bundesflagge that take over the chest and the main problem is that in this shirt it was that the West German team won the World Cup. For some fans in England, the sports shirt of the national team’s World Cup-winning team has become a guarantee and a disappointment. This kit is considered one of the best football shirts of all time.

Instead, they decided to show their starting package for the following season. This had that bright yellow base with the black tire footprint marks on the bottom half of the shirt and the giant black C from Die Continentale, which somehow makes a German insurance company great. With the help of ESPN football writers and editors from all over the world, we’ve gone back the years to rank the top 101 kits of all time.

After a public game, they turned to yellow and green and started sweeping everything in front of them. Each game used the old one for the first 45 minutes and the latest for the second 45 minutes and then won. After this season, Inter Milan could end its iconic T-shirt sponsor association with Pirelli and end one of the game’s most iconic brand associations. Nike, who recognized the greatness of one of the best logos, designed the club’s third shirt around the sponsor this season and launched a collection of cold capsules to boot.

They may have missed the league title, but they were there for a lot of drama. The Spice Boys, “Collymore is approaching!”, the highs of 2001, Istanbul, Gerrard, Owen, McManaman, Fowler and Rafa. For many, the 90s and early 00s will always be the years when football peaked. Carlsberg’s sponsorship of the Reds played its own role in this. There have been a number of memorable shirts over the years, but the highlight must be the winning effort of the Champions League, which also included vertical sponsorship, which is still incredibly rare. After taking down the 50 worst football shirts in 90 minutes earlier, we take a trip through the memory alley to look back at the most iconic shirts that have decorated the beautiful game.

Despite a bad season in East London, these football shirts are one of my all-time favorites. Personally, it was the first time since I was 11 that I had bought home shirts and away, I just loved them. I also liked the campaign in which these shirts were promoted: the image of Sir Trevor, Nobes and Dec puts our quality of “Football Academy” in match worn football shirts perspective. At the beginning of her career, Maradona spent only one season with Boca Juniors, but what season. He helped them win the Argentine title and a 3-0 win over the arch rivals of River Plate in their first Superclassic. He did it all in this Adidas kit, with his thick yellow band, no sponsor and four stars with the initials “CABJ” .

With a light body, blue details on the sleeves, marked by white trim: this football shirt is a favorite of West Ham fans. While football shirts are primarily designed for differentiation between teams on the field, teams sometimes have theirs so good that they are worth mentioning. It is a tradition in Italian football that when you win your tenth Serie A title, you have a gold star on your shirt. Most teams place them modestly above their plate, but if you’re as sure as Juventus, hit giant stars on your shoulders??

But this one, with its black band on its chest, was so good that they put themselves back to work this season to commemorate the club’s 120th anniversary. In 1999 they won the Italian Super Cup, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and finished second in Serie A before winning the league the following year. Liverpool had a green monster as a visitor’s package four years earlier, but it really pushed the boat with this butchered kit design. They brought this kit in the last defeat of the 1996 FA Cup against the bitter rival Manchester United.

Note the charming Napoli badge switch and kit maker Ennerre. They were the company of former footballer Nicola Raccuglia, who pioneered designs that looked more like casual clothes. During this period he made most of the best Italian club kits and used his initials on the kits instead of a logo (Ennerre literally translated as “NR” in Italian). Shortly after Santos was founded in 1912, the owners decided to change the colors of the club from white, blue-blue and golden lemon to simpler white with black trim.

Botafogo wore simple stripes for most of the sixties and seventies and had some fantastic players using them, nothing more than the incomparable Garrincha. The shot of the beautiful solitary star badge (a wink at the beginning of Botafogo as a rowing club) increases this shirt. Hoops are sacred to Celtic fans, and the same was true of traditionalist President Robert Kelly, who refused to put songs on the back of shirts in the 1960s because it would break sacred green and white.