Insights Into Thailands Games Market And Its Gamers

Android Support Library V442% of mobile games from Thai publishers have Android Support Library V4 integrated. Android Support Library V4, developed by Google’s Android team, is a platform that helps app developers manage the release of new API versions. Rather than developing code to handle the provisioning of new features on earlier releases, developers can leverage Android Support Library V4 to provide that compatibility layer.

Around 380 million people around the world now watch eSports competition. Thailand is new to the game compared to China and South Korea, which are the number one and number four largest eSports markets globally. Other businesses have shown an interest in supporting eSports through sponsorships, hosting eSports events and tournaments, and supporting eSports athletes. Other examples include the Workpoint TV channel’s eSports programme called “King of Gamer”. Newzoo also forecasts the 2020 global eSports market value will reach $1.48 billion, up from $696 million in 2017.

While that might all sound harmless enough, the lure of turning gaming into a well-paid career can leave children spending just about every waking moment in the high-pressure, overly stimulating virtual gaming world. Removed from the realities of life at home and school, they are at increased risk of suffering mental health troubles. Real Free Soccer is on position 5 of the biggest Thai game publishers.

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency said Thailand’s game software industry is worth over Bt10 billion, with 12 per cent growth per year. The game generated about US$2.4 billion in digital revenue in 2018, according to SuperData research, the most annual revenue of any game in history. Monster global sensations like the online game Fortnite have seemingly แทงอีสปอร์ต forever changed the business models of developers. Its creators have been aggressive in integrating the ability to make purchases within the game, triggering something akin to “sneaker culture”, according to Adair. He says it was “astonishing” when e-sports were recognised by the Thai government and he has called on a review of that decision.

42matters also offers all kind of APIs and a full meta data snapshots of Google Play Store and iOS App Store games. These data dumps allow you to implement and analyze the data we collect in any way you see fit. 42matters tracks everything from game meta data, to rankings, to download estimates, to changes in meta information, to SDK usage, to App-ads.txt and more. The permission is required for the integration of billing in android applications. There are more than 505 Thai publishers on Google Play out of all 171,812 game publishers. One of the biggest Thai publishers are Runner Games, Jima Apps, Kiragames Co.

Thailand’s mobile market continues to grow, anticipated by mobile experts to nearly double by 2017. There is also the role of the publisher, a company that produces software and games. Once eSports athletes retire, they can also take up bigger roles such as becoming owners of affiliates or clubs, team managers, and coaches.

In addition to this Garena has signed an MOU with four universities to develop curricula on gaming, which include eSports too. An example of such support was Garena World 2018, an event that was organized this past April which received sponsorship from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Afterwards it got more reception, especially from the public sector after the government recognized eSports as an official sport.

Santi Lothong, president of Thai e-Sports Association , said that the eSports athlete is totally different from game addicts. As it is a real sport and not just game playing, it requires not only the discipline of practice, but also sport science and sport strategy. Witsarut Jaroensatthayatham, known as Jay , playing in ADLane position, said that his eSports athletics started a year ago with ROV game. He was a gamer since he childhood and dreamed of becoming a professional eSports athlete.