How to calm a male cat in the heat

It may be related to the desire to mate, as healthy male cats do not lose the desire to reproduce. Your cat has an organic impulse to mate, and its inability to do so challenges its basic instinct. You can distract your cat by playing, leisure and affection activities. You can also keep your cat calm with smells and music. However, do not deviate from the routine, as cats can be disturbed by the heat. Expect your cat to warm at least several times a year until it is sprayed.

Many different herbal medications relieve uncomfortable symptoms due to the temperature. It is important to note that since cats are individuals, what works for a single cat may not work with your cat. This is a difficult decision, because it is a really personal problem. All cats will rush somewhat – this is normal communication behavior. But some cats are more twins than their parents want. Please note that some cat breeds, especially Siamese, are subject to harassment and excessive howl.

If your cat is “in the heat”, it is in the fertile period of the genital cycle and wants to mate. The cat usually gets hot in the spring and autumn and the temperature can last from a few days to a few weeks. The cat usually has a first temperature of about 6 months, but some may already be at the age of 4 months. It is not common to notice vaginal bleeding from a hot cat. The most exciting signs of cat rut are behavioral. Most cats become very affectionate, until required. They constantly rub their owners and want constant attention.

If the cat is not covered or becomes pregnant during its rut, it enters the stage of attention or the period between temperatures. In a few days or even 3 weeks, the cat will get hot again.

While it is difficult to prove that the temperature cycles are not painful, the invitation they show seems uncomfortable to them. However, the female cat howl has one goal: to attract the attention of the potential cat going into heat serum. Realizing this fact will alleviate your concern that something is wrong or “outside” with your pet. These courses can start at the age of four months and will continue until the cat is raised or spread.

The most important thing is to distract her from mating. Heat is the fertile period for female cat, and it is part of the reproductive cycle when trying to get pregnant. Your cat usually has the first heat after 6-9 months, although it may already be 4 months, or only 12, depending on the time of birth. This is because cats usually only get heat with the longest hours of daylight over the months. There are many publishers on the market, such as Feliway, that release synthetic pheromones into the air.