About the importance of education at Jstor

If a comparison is to be made, the child’s development must be carried out to assess whether everything is OK. Benchmarking should not be based on one person, but on the general colleague. Parents who could not fulfill their dreams want their children to make these dreams come true, and this is a big mistake in itself. Each individual has its own characteristics and interests. Children are individuals and their interests need to be researched and given a healthy direction. Being too scared and considering the outside world as a complete threat to the child has a negative impact on the child’s social development.

Education opens up new ways of improvement and progress for a person. Although education is of the utmost importance for everyone, the need is particularly noticeable in childhood.

He understands the impact of these factors, what can be improved to change them. We have to learn to deal with it and to work with it because we cannot personally influence it.

Although books are an integral part of education, the whole concept goes beyond books and book-like knowledge. Children’s desire to spend time using intelligent technologies is not a concern that requires interest in playing on computers, tablets or smartphones. It is the right approach to have them used for a certain period of time .

Distance learning provides a student and teacher in another area, in other cities, in other states, or elsewhere. Learning takes place by post, telephone, internet or via another platform. Today everyone can receive training via modern technology-based platforms, and various distance learning programs are 메리트카지노 also available for this. And such a modern education system is fully qualified to discuss social problems of illiteracy and inequality between the different castes, religion and caste. It is still nice to travel to different places with friends; The school gives friends and planned trips to the students.