7 ways to calm the cat in the heat

Either way, all stages are very noisy and can be very annoying to your cat, family and neighbors. If your male cat is not neutralized and he is periodically harbored, he may hear or smell a hot cat. It is possible to harbor relentlessly and air while the female stays in heat. Unless you can completely prevent it from discovering cat going into heat females in the heat, the best way to reduce excessive water in a healthy male cat is to castrate it. One way to calm the hot cat is to keep it inside, separate from the male cats that you may scare or try to carry. Then put a warm pillow or blanket in her bed so that she can lie on it, which will make it warm and quiet.

Now let’s take a look at the periods of cats and the temperature in cats. While many health benefits can be achieved by keeping your cat intact, many pet owners do not have the time or energy to deal with trouble. With the problem of cat overcrowding as dangerous as it is, you do not want to contribute in error to the problem. If you own a female cat, it is important to know when your cat begins its season.

Veterinary assistance in the form of incitement to ovulation. In cats, ovulation occurs due to mechanical stimulation of the vagina during mating. A similar result can be achieved through a veterinary procedure. This does not stop your current temperature, but it slows down the next cycle.

Give her a lot of attention by stroking, scratching, cleaning, and giving her wild mint when this usually helps calm her down when she is not in heat. The cat’s round takes place seasonally and changes with the amount of daylight. Most cats become very affectionate, even when they are in heat. They constantly rub their owners who want constant attention and become very noisy. To avoid the sound of the temperature, unwanted alcohol headache visitors and unwanted pregnancy prevention, it is best to sterilize your cat.

Therefore, the full cat’s round of streke can range from one to six weeks, with an average of about three weeks. Be especially alert to keep your cat clean, including cleaning the trash can.

Unless you plan to reproduce, the best care for cats will make it my own. There are no good reasons for letting the cat cycle Strick or obtaining cat litter before spraying it. Cats can become pregnant during their first rut cycle, which increases the risk of accidental reproduction. Cats are random, so a brother cat can reproduce with his sister, and the father can reproduce with his daughter and the son can reproduce with his mother. Each temperature generally lasts several days with an average length of six days. If the queen is not covered during the rut of the earth, she will be discharged from the heat for a short time.

Cats in the heat can be attacked by aggression and frustration. If your cat sleeps more, it cannot attract a partner by calling. The only ways to stop the cat’s temperature are to spray and simulate mating. If you choose not to do so, you should pronounce. Do whatever you can to make your cat more comfortable during these hormonal peaks. Cats usually respond to cat herbs in several different ways. Some relax and calm down, but others become active and sometimes aggressive.

Marks include screaming, crying, shrinking and attempts to attract or escape cats. Calming the cat is very difficult because it can temporarily help for a while. If there is no other reason, this alone is a broad justification for spying and sterilizing cats. Cat’s temperature cycles are called “polyestrus”, which means that they periodically enter the temperature cycles during fertility years.